After studying in Paris in 1985, I came to the insight into the "artistic space - here I want to stay". The art of painting became my path, the driving force to explore life, - a language, - a refuge, - a tool for curiosity, discovery and experimentation. Art is a dimension, on a higher level that can not be covered. It is exciting to get involved in that mystery. I would also call myself a concept artist. When the unconscious becomes conscious, a starting point for a story. Active since 1993, studio in Gothenburg, Sweden

Diana Laitinen born in Borås Sweden 1960, artist in tempera oil, watercolour and mixed media
Exhibitions& productions

RiverCity Gallery, Collection exhibition Gothenburg 2017, 2018 
Art exhibition Majorna Sockerbruket 2016
Church Masthugget ”Pilgrim”, tempera & watercolour Gothenburg 2015
Galleri 3K, Collection exhibition, Gamla Stan, Stockholm 2013
KKV-b Collection exhibition, Gerlesborg 2011 - 2012
Bohusläns Museum Collection exhibition, Uddevalla 2011
Children book ”Maybe Colours” by Matthew Young. Illustrations and graphic form, edited in London 2008
House of culture Bagaregården – Exhibition painting, tempera ”Natural Stripes” Gothenburg 2004
Atalante - Plattform A (stage for innovative dance & art) Slideshow "The blood is bleeding" painting slide shows, 4 projectors, poems in collaboration with audio composer Gothenburg 2001 
Lindholmens day of culture Slideshow ”The blood is bleeding ”Gothenburg 2001
Röda Sten - Arthall, performance exhibition "From the attic to the chamber" 
Artistic design, oil paintings in cooperation with sound composer, singer. 
Directing of chorus, sound, display of images with fire torch, Gothenburg 1997
Amundön - Night show slide projections of oil paintings on rock hills, collaboration with audio composer, theater ensamble Young Studio, choreography Gothenburg 1995
Works in studio since 1993 Represented in art associations, district councils, companies, restaurants and churches. Member of KKV-b artists' collective workshop Bohuslän. 2005 - 2015. Drawing, Paris 1985. Oil painting, Domens Art School 1986.  KV - Basic Art school 1986 – 87, Gothenburg.  Arts, 20p, University of Gothenburg 1989. Workshop tempera oil 1999. Workshop in large graphic print 2006 and porcelain clay 2008.

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